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Camera Surveillance Systems

InStore Vision camera surveillance systems protects your business and increases your’ bottom-line. Reduce the likelihood of robberies by up to 73% and reduce shoplifting by up to 53%.

Advances in Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) technology have made remote video surveillance one of the most valuable loss prevention, safety/security, and management tools available to convenience store business owners. InStore Vision provides the answers to the security and management issues that impact retail stores. Our focus on convenience stores allows us an unparalleled expertise in what will work best for you.

InStore Vision Camera Surveillance System
The InStore Vision convenience store & Mini Mart solution is complete, effective, well supported and the price can’t be matched! The following components are included with every InStore Vision camera surveillance system:

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
State-of-the-art user friendly Digital Video Recorder with weeks of recording time and remote viewing access via the Internet

19” monitor, key board & mouse

Zoom Camera
A high quality zoom camera is installed strategically above your cash register to give you a view of everything that is being done at the cash register area

20” vandal resistant public view monitor with a built-in camera (PVM)
A specialized 20-inch flat screen monitor with a built-in camera installed and directed at the main entrance of your store. Everyone who enters your store will see themselves clearly on the screen and know they are under surveillance

Four Indoor Dome camerasHigh resolution dome cameras will be install tactically in your store to provide you the ability to view any part of your business

Additional indoor or outdoor cameras are available as needed to give you control over your business at its most vulnerable places

Service Plan
One year all inclusive warranty program
• Upon qualifying for the InStore Vision advertising program the warranty program will be extended to five years and maintenance program will be offered for ten years

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