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FAQs for the InStore Vision System

Q. How do I review recorded video?

A. The EyeMax user interface makes this process very simple. Follow these steps:

Selecting the Month and Day you wish to Review or Save:

1. On the bottom right of your screen there are three (3) buttons:

2. Click on SEARCH

3. On the right side of your screen you will see a CALENDAR

4. Select the MONTH by the RIGHT and LEFT ARROWS on the calendar

5. Select the DATE by clicking on the DAY OF THE MONTH you wish to view

Q. How do I select the times I want to Review or Save:

1. The TIME OF DAY is represented by a “0” to “23” hour SLIDE RULE located at the bottom of the screen, “0” being Midnight, “23” being 11:00pm. Use the mouse to click on the time you wish to access. The dark blue sections indicate times when motion has been detected.

(You can click on the zoom button to see more detailed time scale):

2. You may choose how you view the recording by clicking on one (1) of the seven (7) selections above the slide rule, from a Single Camera to multi cameras at once.

3. In single camera view, click on the camera you want to view on the list of cameras just to the left of the time scale. If you are in a multi-camera view, then when you click on a camera view window, that camera will be highlighted in green – this means that this camera will be selected if you wish to save a video clip.

4. To PLAY the selected time, user the VCR-like buttons on the right side of the screen:

Q. How do I save a recorded event to a CDROM?

A. Locating the particular event that you want to record, as you have just done in the above steps, is probably the most involved part of this process. From here just follow these steps:

1. After determining the day, time and camera view you want to save by reviewing the recordings, click on the START TIME of the incident on the SLIDE RULE.

2. Click on the SAVE button located below the calendar on the right side of the screen

3. A SAVE image window will appear

4. Choose AVI FORMAT and click OK

5. A Movie window will appear. Click START.

6. A SAVE image window will appear asking for a file name.

7. Choose a name for your file and type it in where it says FILE NAME and click SAVE.

8. Your file will be saved in the MY DOCUMENTS directory under the name you chose.

Suggestion: You may want to use dates as file names such as, 10 12 – 10 13 04 or October 12 04

9. The movie will start to play, showing you the elapsed time at the bottom of the window.

10. Click on the STOP button when the incident you wish to record has ended.

Q. How do I burn the .AVI file to a CD?

Use the following steps:

1. Exit the camera software by clicking on the POWER button at the bottom left of the screen

2. Choose EXIT and OK

3. The camera software will prompt you for USER NAME and PASSWORD for verification.

4. Type your PASSWORD and click OK

5. On the Main desk top click on the Icon “EASY CD CREATOR 5 BASIC”. This Icon may be located anywhere on your screen.

6. In the window that appears, on the left side, choose the second button from the top, MAKE A DATA CD, then DATA CD PROJECT

7. A new Window will appear, divided into three (3) parts.

8. In the upper division you will see several folders; Double Click on DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS.

9. Double Click on the DVR FOLDER

10. Double Click on MY DOCUMENTS

11. Your saved video file should now appear


13. DRAG your file to the lower right screen division and release the MOUSE BUTTON

14. Your file should now appear in that screen division

15. Open up the CD Burner and place a Read/Writable CD (RW/CD or CD/RW) in the CD Burner and close.

16. The project size in the mega bytes should appear at the bottom of the screen. The size must not exceed 700 Mega bytes. That is the capacity of the CD.

17. Click on the RED RECORD BUTTON on the right middle of the window


19. You will be prompted when the recording is finished.

Q. How do I connect to my system remotely?

A1. First of all, in order to connect to your DVR system remotely, you must have a high-speed Internet connection on both sides – this means a cable-modem or DSL both in your office (or where your DVR system is located) and at home. It also requires that you have the EyeMax DVR Client software installed on you the computer that you wish to view from. You should have received a CD that has the client software on it. In order for the software to work properly for remote viewing only, you need to install the software properly using a “Custom Installation”.

1. Insert the CD. It should open a Windows Explorer window that shows the files and folders on the CD-ROM. The installation will not “autorun”. Open the folder called “EyeMax” and then double-click on the program installation executable called “EyeMax DVR”
2. The installation program will start and show an initial dialog box, click the “Next >” button and you will see the following screen:

3. Select “Custom Installation” and then click the “Next >” button to bring up the installation options screen:

4. By default all the checkboxes are selected, click on the checkboxes to “de-select” all of the options except “EyeMax DVR playback” and EyeMax DVR Client” so that the dialog box looks like the one above.

5. When you click the “Next >” button, the installation will begin. If it asks you about replacing newer files with older ones, click the “No to All” button and the installation will complete normally.

A2: Once you have the software installed, it is fairly simple to establish a connection to your remote DVR system. Just follow these steps:

1. Find the “EyeMax DVR” program group on your Start Menu under Program, then select “EyeMax DVR Client” and it will open a Login window like this:

2. Fill in either the IP address or hostname that you have set up for your remote DVR in the “Site” box, the “Port No” should stay at “9091” unless you have specifically changed it on the remote DVR’s software setup. Enter the User and Password that you have defined on the remote side, check the “Save Password” box if you want, then click “OK” and you should connected to your system.

If you have any other questions or need assistance please contact InStore Vision

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